Genetics – and the delight of a granddaughter

Two-year-old Grace’s visit, which began late this afternoon and included a trip to see the Santa train arrive at the Menlo train station, got the female DG thinking about the power of human genetics. Of the two DGs, she is the less nurturing of the two despite her gender. This was quickly figured out by Grace’s father, who was five when the male DG came into his life.

This aside, in a two-year-old’s view, once she was “abandoned” by her parents this afternoon, it was the female DG who she called on to be carried and to cling tightly to her hand. This was particularly true in less familiar circumstances. Once at the house, either DG would do. The female DG’s presumption is that it all goes back to survival. And there’s something about a mother (female) who made that happen more than a father (male).

Today’ photo selection – the female DG and Grace reading a book – was made by the male DG. Bringing out the Christmas books is now a third generation tradition started by the female DG’s mother. Each year the Christmas books would appear at the beginning of Advent and disappear for another 11 months come Christmas. The collection now includes books given to both the female DG and son John.


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