By popular demand: Grace takes a walk

The male DG has been doing a series of profound posts about how traffic on his blog increases when he posts nothing. The female DG, too, watches traffic reports for Gimpy and Grumpy, and is always heartened, as the male DG is, when one of her four readers shows up. True, some people who are suffering from Achilles tendon injuries visit every once in a while, searching the web just as she did to find out options for treatment and real world experiences. But nothing boosts traffic more on Gimpy and Grumpy than a photograph of Grace. So, while she could have written yet another boring post about today’s session on the elliptical (gym is a good option on a cold rainy morning), she’ll just take the easy way out and use this bit of holiday cheer: Grace walking around the lake at Sharon Park  (courtesy of the male DG’s photography prowess). For the record, the child size Santa hat is the best $1.00 she’s ever spent – thanks to Target.


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