Frosty morning for an encounter – and a mini jog

The female DG never had a gym membership before, so it was always up and out – in all but the most inclement weather (aka strong, windy rainstorm). But there was a split second temptation to head to the Y and avoid the very cold (by Bay Area standards) temperature this morning. But it was good opportunity to test some of the “windstopper” gear she’s bought for an upcoming trip to New York. And, as it turned out, to integrate a bit more jogging into the outing – four different tests to be exact, all under a quarter of a mile. No ill effects. She sees Oloff tomorrow and Heidi over the weekend, so the experts will soon weigh in.

Side observation: is there any other campus in the world that sports an equestrian sign next to a practice golf course and features a sprightly Irish Setter? Only on Stanford, she thinks.


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