Jogging gene kicks in 4 1/2 months post Achilles tendon surgery

For the first time since she doesn’t remember when, the female DG (egad, she almost typed Dawn Jogger!) completed what had long been the Monday morning route –  home across the Stanford campus, turning east just past the mall, north by the mausoleum and back home crossing the San Mateo bike bridge and up Bay Laurel. It’s a route that’s more than four miles but less than five. She did it alternately fast walking and short periods of jogging. There’s no pain when she’s doing it; the ankle feels a bit cranky for the rest of the day. Not “it hurts” cranky, just barking a bit as a reminder. She needs to find out what this means. (Heidi had to cancel this weekend; she needs to call Heidi). A weird sign of joy – there were a couple of pretty sunrise scenes but she was never in the right position to get the shot. Maybe tomorrow at the lake.


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