Whoops – no post: “High” on platelet rich plasma therapy

The male DG  frequently posts about not posting. The female DG just pushes something every day. At least until yesterday when there was just no time.

Since then she’s been on two dawn walks – yesterday with the male DG and today where she really did walk, not jog, the entire time. Lots of circumstances contributed to that decision but none serious. That she was a bit wimpy undoubtedly resulted in an interesting but less than fantastic sunrise (photographed at the San Mateo bike bridge) as she didn’t have the slight elevation that the banks of Lake Lagunita provide.

Meanwhile, just as she surmised a few days ago when she admitted to being “just like Tiger,” the practice that some [mainly sports] doctors use – platelet rich plasme therapy – is being confused with blood doping, human growth hormone therapy and steroid use by the “popular” press (aka New York Times etc.). So she’s inviting readers to get the facts in the “unpopular” press, Scientific American, even though it doesn’t reference the therapy’s use in surgery just before closing up, which her doctor believes, from anecdotal experience, prompts healing.

Back at the Farm (literally as that’s is Stanford land in the photo) she likes the intersection of sky and tule fog/low mist in the foreground.


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