Two for the reservoir

It’s not that the Dual Gs wake up every morning and recite the things that will probably never happen in their life time together – or the things that they’ll never share again. But New York City is a special place for them both. It’s the city of some of their longest walks together and their very best runs. So it was a mixture of great joy (and a few tears) that they climbed the steps of the New York Reservoir at exactly 12:40 pm EST today – something they had wondered if they’d ever do together again. After torrential rains that delayed their flight in last night (and almost dumped them in Philadelphia), the sun was shining brightly and as only New York can do, the skyline was shimmering. The walk from 78th and Fifth, around the reservoir and back, was probably the longest distance the male DG has walked since last summer – and included a couple of the famous hills of Central Park. And somewhere along the way, the female DG noted that it was also a grand way to celebrate five months post Achilles tendon surgery.



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