It gets gusty – and the gimps get going

How chilly is it in New York? The doorman mentioned he almost always walks the less than a mile from where he lives to where he works – but not today! Indeed, there was silence from the park during the normally barky period of 8:00 to 9:00 am, and a look below revealed just a couple of hardy canines. It wasn’t the temps in the 20s that was the real issue – it was the very gusty winds, the kind that can almost blow you across a sidewalk and certainly across a broad avenue that’s been transformed into a wind tunnel. The DG’s bundled up nevertheless and did a mini UES foodie tour – some of the city’s best suppliers and purveyors are within a 10-square block radius. (The potatoes, captured by the male DG, were on display at Eli’s Manhattan on Third.) They brought provisions for their planned New Year’s Eve tasting supper, including a Burgundian cheese last tasted in Ameugny. The marveled at the decent prices for French wine (in comparison to the West Coast, not France)  and snatched up a few bottles from the 2005 vintage. And looking forward to a special dinner tonight at Cafe Boulud, they had an excellent – and light – vegetarian lunch at Gobo; the female DG was introduced to seitan, which she liked a lot. All in all a very satisfying way to pass the day chilly day.


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