First day of the year 10K in Central Park

What a difference 24 hours make. Yesterday morning, it was snowing. This morning – thanks to “balmy” temperatures in the mid-40s –  Cenral Park’s green lawns were already reappearing (with a snowman – foreground of photo – being the sole hold out in one corner of the park near Cedar Hill).

The notion of a new year’s day jog had been in the female DG’s mind for the past few weeks. She’s glad that the jog happened yesterday – and in snow flurries at that – because she was far from a Dawn Jogger this morning, arising mid-morning.  So she set out  after breakfast to accomplish another post Achilles tendon surgery milestone, walking the six mile loop around the park, complete with a couple of good ups, most notably Heartbreak Hill around 108th St. It was an excellent way to begin 2010.

While she walked, the male DG worked on a black and white New York portfolio.


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