All the news is embargoed

A thousand years ago (or something like that) when the female DG was the lowliest person on the financial news desk at the Los Angeles Times, a “flack” (that was the word newsmen – yes, she means men – would use for PR people) would personally bring by a press release that was “embargoed.” That meant the news organization couldn’t use the story until the release date. In the real-time world of 2010 this undoubtedly sounds like a quaint custom. But like the sexual appetites of major politicians and sports stars, it was adhered to. A major newspaper, radio or TV station never “broke” an embargo. So that’s the old-fashioned mandate she’s thrown down on the male DG for some great photo shoots he’s done in the past two days for InMenlo. One will go live tomorrow.

And for Achilles tendon recovery followers, the morning jogging continues to no ill effect. So keep hope alive!


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