Wondering why sometimes random posts are popular

Part of the fun of writing a daily musing about life – and doing so on a platform that provides analytics, which WordPress does – is watching what posts continue to be read, even when months old. That there’s a steady volume to those posts that are explicit about Achilles tendon surgery is no surprise; prior to her surgery the female DG was one of those eager for every tidbit of information. Nor is it surprising that her post recounting that she, just like Tiger, had platelet-rich plasma therapy. She’d been purposeful in writing that account, and sure enough people find that post via search – and probably go away disappointed that there’s no scoop.

But much more curious is the steady traffic to the posting called a walking around Lake Fayetteville which shows up week after week as most read. Are there really that many people searching for recreational activities in Fayetteville, Arkansas? Equally puzzling is why Grace gets an auntie is popular – surely of no interest to more than a couple of dozen friends and family.

All this wondering comes along while watching activity on InMenlo since the publicity earlier this week in the Almanac News. It will be interesting to see if the Tuck & Patti post that appears today continues to get viewed over the months.

As for today, after a morning walk together, the DGs are gimping to the movies with the rest of the InMenlo team to see Avatar.


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