Trying to capture the texture of life

Lake Lagunita on a January morning

So, as always, the male DG has a way of perfectly capturing the texture of the DG’s somewhat friction filled life, as he did on yesterday. By friction, the female DG does not mean marital friction, not that that’s at zero. But their real friction comes from the day to day coping of living with a life threatening illness (glioma), one that takes its toll physically and mentally. She is not whining when she says, “everything’s a struggle.” That’s just a fact of life; in a weird way they got used to living with the struggling.

So they continue to stump along together – trips both near and far – and pursuits like inMenlo, which is mostly fun to do. And while the male DG goes to the gym or walks with friend Scott, the female DG continues to greet the dawn with a morning jog. (Note: the textures of  Lake Lagunita and the rain clouds were incredible this morning but beyond the means of the pocket size Lumio camera; the resulting photo is just a hint of what the eye saw.)


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