Huge milestone – jogging the Dish

Oak tree

The DG’s arose this morning without a plan – except an appointment to pick up Grace at 1:00 this afternoon. The female DG was feeling pretty good and thought, “well I might as well try jogging the Dish.” She’d walked the washboard hills with a friend just before Christmas. But, as she’s been finding out, jogging’s a different deal. She’s just getting her endurance back. Not to mention wondering if the surgically repaired left tendon would hold up, so to speak. (Surgical date for reference, 7/24/09, so not quite five months post.)

Well it’s done and some five hours later, she’s feeling it. Not the lower extremities but her arms, which she used to pump her way up the hill from the Alpine Road entrance to the Big Dish area. She was oh so slow, but she made it up. Just to be cautious, she walked the steepest part back down to Junipero Serra. Other good news: she still had enough left to jog back across the Stanford campus and home, the total route being about five miles.

The morning irony: natch, she took lots of photos of the Dish itself but it was the accompanying shot of the oak framed by field and sky that caught her (and the male DG’s) eye.


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One response to “Huge milestone – jogging the Dish

  1. That photo is amazing!!!

    Glad you made it around the dish. Good for you.

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