Quick reflection on “life’s too short”

Two things that are somewhat related – an yet another full day of activities – has put the female DG in a reflective mood. The almost always “good girl,” meaning doing the right thing and being polite and all the other things her mother taught her, felt little guilt when she and the male DG left their church’s annual meeting before it was complete this evening. There was an extending circumstance – a medical emergency had delayed the start of the evening’s already full agenda. But as it dragged on, and the male DG grew both restless and, of all things, giggly, it became clear it was time to go. As the now too familiar saying – and excuse for everything – goes, “life’s too short.” She came home and dug into today’s New York Times which featured a story on an actress she’s long admired, Laura Linney. Reflecting on her role in an upcoming Showtime series where she plays a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer, Linney asks: “What would you do if you know you were going to die? Is it a curse or a privilege?” As she thinks about the DG’s life together – and the knowledge that it will most likely be shorter than they once thought – the female DG votes “privilege.”


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