Morning of discovery with Grace

The fog had just lifted with the sun beaming down on the Discovery Museum when Grace and her parents arrived to spend the morning with the Dual Gs. One of the best parts of being a grandparent is that you get to visit incredible places. The Discovery Museum, part of the Fort Baker portion of the Golden Gate National Recreation Center, is full of wonders, all geared to children eight and under. Grace had visited once before and, like last time, got into swimming a plastic fish in the Tot Yard. Up and down the pretend stream it went. (OK, the photo is really more about showing off the increasing curls.) She was also enchanted by the Willow Structure, the creation of artist Patrick Dougherty. (The delight is spying the male DG through one of the maze’s windows.) The explorations were followed by lunch on the porch of Cavallo Point and some fun “run, run run” around the parade ground. At moments like this, the female DG can feel Nan and Booka smiling down…



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2 responses to “Morning of discovery with Grace

  1. Those increasing curls are simply gorgeous! Do you think she will end up with curly hair? I hope so. It is a gift from Heaven.

    David and I once thought a scheme like “Rent-a-Kid” might go over well. If you don’t have little ones of your own in your home, and you want to go to a kid oriented place just for the fun of it but are reluctant because it’s “just for kids”, borrow a friend’s small person for a day or a few hours and go do it. (Is that a run-on sentence or did I add enough commas?)

    I’m sure you enjoyed your day with Grace.

  2. John Getze

    I love the picture of the three of us. Do you have a hi-res version (might be Christmas card material).

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