My Valentine – grumpy and all

Chris Gulker Feb. 14 2010The male Dual G (gimpy and grumpy) keeps suggesting that the female DG should abandon this blog and revert back to First Blush. But the former was almost always about jogging at dawn, straying rarely and then still mainly focused on that day’s exercise mode. Gimpy and Grumpy gets to be about life, one that, in the DG’s case, is challenged by living with a terminal illness. Should it really be a surprise that sometimes they get grumpy – although luckily not usually on the same day at the same time.

This morning it was the male DG’s turn. While the sky was blue in the very early morning hours, by the time they headed out on their walk around Fort Baker and its adjacent shoreline around 9:30, the fog had rolled in, masking the Golden Gate Bridge completely (and they were right under it!). They were headed up to what would have been the non-lookout point, when the male DG’s hemaplegic left side shouted “no more,” a very frustrating experience for him. Even the fact that when they’d first visited Cavallo Point  in 2007, he had to be driven around, couldn’t banish the glum mood, although coffee and his Kindle on the pleasant front porch of the lodge helped some.

Maybe this afternoon’s Taizé service and Valentine’s dinner with good friends will help. If not, he’s still the female DG’s guy.


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