A post-rain walk in Golden Gate Park

San Francisco Botanical Garden Feb 2010

It was technically not a First Blush walk, as the female traded in her DJ status to be part of the Dual Gs who made their way up to San Francisco for what they call a “UCSF day.” All appointments were completed expeditiously but started very early this morning. And the news was good; the MRI showed no sign of the tumor, well, doing anything but just sitting there. “The tumor looks good,” is how neuro-oncologist Dr. Susan Chang says it. (Having a tumor sitting in a brain really isn’t good, but the DGs understand her meaning.)

Their journey to the City started about the same time the female DG goes out on her morning jog, so she decided to take a walk during the male DGs MRI. Golden Gate Park conveniently located  just down the hill from UCSF . The rain cooperated – staying away for a route that included a spin through the San Francisco Botanical Garden, where the daffodils were poking through the winter soil. Her Uncle Stuart was a gardener in the Park but whether he ever tended the plants on display in the the Botanical Society’s garden, she ‘s not sure. Evidently deep budget cuts are threatening the garden’s maintenance preservation;  an admission charge to visitors who don’t live in the City is one solution.  Having those free, open gates makes it easy to take a quick spin. But she understands…


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