First Blush: Chasing away the clouds with Esther Satterfield

Clouds over Palo Alto

It startled the female DJ/DG (what is her name?) was working from home the afternoon of the recent “UCSF day” and listening to KCSM. Out of nowhere came a voice from the past, Esther Satterfield. Her two solo albums (now sitting in a dusty box in the garage) along with Chuck Mangione’s Land of Lake Believe, on which she appears as a vocalist, had been part and parcel to her existence during the late 70s – and of son John’s too.

Satterfield stopped recording and no CDs were issued. And because the turntable was shed about the time the DGs moved to Menlo 20 years ago,there’s been no Esther – until yesterday. Inspired by hearing her on the radio, the DJ did a search and  found a website that had digitized both The Need to Be (1976) and Once I Loved (1974) and downloaded both. Esther is once again her companion, accompanying her on her dawn jogs yesterday and today. What a thrill to hear the lyrical version of Chase the Clouds Away after all this time. It’s like rediscovering a long lost friend, which coincidentally she also did today, reconnecting with someone she knew both in high school and at UCLA.


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