First Blush: Back to Big Dish at dawn

dawn on the Big Dish at Stanford

Wednesday mornings had long meant Big Dish at dawn. But the weekly, weekday ritual of jogging up and over Big Dish had fallen by the way side after the DJ’s Achilles tendon surgery and recovery, even after she’d proven to herself that you was ready to tackle the up-and-down route on a number of Saturday mornings. But there’s nothing quite as satisfying as doing it as the sun comes up. Knowing that it would be a Dish run in the dark next Wednesday (with the annoyingly early start to Daylight Savings Time), she knew today was the day. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the green was glorious.Her only disappointment was missing the gang of cyclists she almost inevitably encountered at the stop signal on Sand Hill Road near the end of the route. A little behind her this morning, they whizzed by her just as she opened the backyard gate. Maybe they’ll meet up next week…


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