Weekend with Grace – what’s up with the fairy dust?

Grace encounters fairy dustThe last the female DG noticed Tinkerbell was a supporting, albeit pivotal character, in the story of Peter Pan. Fast forward to 2010 when Peter has all been forgotten and Tinkerbell has not only taken center stage but has a (boy) friend named Terrance. That Terrance is in parentheses may be some 21st century PC convention about women needing their own voice or being in control – or both. All the female DG knows is that two-year-old granddaughter Grace is obsessed with Tinkerbell (in her new incarnation) and is adamant that Terrance is Tinkerbell’s friend, not boyfriend. What this all means, she is not sure. But after being introduced to her new garden yesterday, Grace returned today to find (in her mind) fairy dust everywhere. The haunting worry: She proclaimed it was not Tinkerbell’s fairy dust but instead Terrance’s fairy dust. How far this has set back the emancipation of women, the female DG is not sure. Grace nevertheless enjoyed throwing the “fairy dust” up in the air. Let’s not discuss how hard it was to get it out from all over her clothes and body…


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