First Blush: Yesterday’s photo

Lake Lagunita at dawn, March 2010
For decades the male DG (dual gimpy and grumpy) has been as almost daily blogger at; for years the female DG chronicled her morning jogging outings at First Blush, now combined at Gimpy and Grumpy. Now neither of them has time. In the male DG’s case, people are alarmed – what’s wrong? (The female DG heard he was going to try to do some kind of update tonight.)

Meanwhile, the female DG (aka the female Dawn Jogger) had a magical morning – yesterday – with rain clouds overhead in the still dim dawn light (pictured). And today, jogging her new long Menlo Park route, she came upon a very strange sight. But because it was in Menlo, it’s been dedicated for InMenlo.

And that’s really the root of the current problem, there are so busy writing and photographing for InMenlo, there’s no time for other stuff.



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3 responses to “First Blush: Yesterday’s photo

  1. Sara

    Wow — that’s a pretty photo. I’m glad you posted it!

  2. Hi Linda. Beautiful photo. I so know what you mean about not enough time. I was getting worried about Chris not writing so I’m glad you set my mind to rest.

    We have a new dog. Stop by my blog to see it. 🙂

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