Cooking class yesterday pays off tonight

Sole Almondine

The male DG has yet to blog about his cooking class yesterday led by Village Pub chef Dmitry Elperin but the female DG benefited tonight. It really was a more “inspired by” meal than actual results from the class that featured roasted fish, meat and vegetables (the attendees ate the product, with no leftovers, the female DG adds). As they often do on Sunday, the DGs purchased over-the-top fresh fish from Pietro Parravano at the Menlo Park Farmer’s Market, along with mixed braising greens and young carrots. In ways that the “keep me out of the kitchen at all costs” female DG can’t comprehend, the ingredients were  transformed into a meal featuring petrale sole almondine (pictured). What she’s really waiting for is the roasted chicken he was taught to cook…

Update: the male DG reports his cooking class.


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One response to “Cooking class yesterday pays off tonight

  1. Sara

    Hey we had almost exactly the same thing with similar ingredients including the petrale sole from the same vendor. Yumm!

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