First Blush (almost): Brains, Giants and horses

San Francisco Mounted PatrolFor years the male DG has remarked about the female DG: “There are three things you’ve never gotten bored with – the Giants, horses and me!”

It was a little bit of all three today for the female DJ/DG. It was a “UCSF” day, which means they headed up to UCSF early where the male DG stuck his head in a 3 Tesla MRI machine to check the status of his Stage 3 glioma. As is the usual drill, once the female DG had gotten him safely “tucked in,” she headed over to Golden Gate Park, just three blocks away from the Parnanssus campus. There had been rain showers all morning, but for her three-mile jaunt, it was nothing but sunshine. And an encounter with two members of the San Francisco Mounted Patrol. (Oh, the beauty of horses.)

It would have been a triple play kind of day – the MRI verdict was “no tumor growth” – is only Tim Lincecum had been allowed to complete his near flawless performance. Instead he got yanked in the 9th and the Giants fell to the Phillies. But two out of three isn’t bad…


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