The office building next door is 12th century

12th century Roman church in Ameugny

In a moment of currency, the female DG is relieved that the male DG has convinced her that the flying things darting overhead (it’s dusk in Ameugny) are swifts and not bats. She hates bats.

She’s also pleased to report that things are back to normal. Life has gotten into its Ameugny/Taize rhythm. Two-mile morning round trip walk to 8:15 service with the Brothers, a few hours spent in her new branch office with its neighboring 12th century Roman church (pictured – note the male DG in shirtsleeves -it’s finally warmed up), lunch at local spot (great potential – returning for dinner on Sunday), four to five mile loop hike in the countryside, and afternoon shift at the office. Then dinner with local wines (intrigued with what Henri Lafarge is producing – trying to go for a visit).

Could get used to this life…


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