Life at a snail’s pace without Wifi

French snail

A thunderstorm greeted the arrival of friends from California on Monday – and took out the phone and internet connection. The female DG is not a 24/7 while on holiday type but NO online access proved a bit vexing. Need details about a local restaurant? Just “check this URL” suggests the print brochure. Need to trouble shoot a Blackberry problem? Just start an online ticket. In fact the phone/internet company wanted one to go through the hoops of calling from a land line (that was what was out) or contacting online support (that was also out). Hopefully the problem has been solved thanks to persistence and help from locals who can speak French as fast as SFR tech support.

So how is three full days sans online connection? Walk, talk, visit a goat farm, cook (well, watch others cook), sip wine, visit local vintner (again, to introduce M. Lefarge to California friends), invite the neighbor from next door in for a glass of wine, attend morning services at Taize (mobbed today – it is Ascension Day, even in secular France),sip more wine. There’s a slow but steady rhythm to French country life. One of the locals (pictured)  would characterize it as a snail’s pace…


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One response to “Life at a snail’s pace without Wifi

  1. Sara

    Glad you’re back in action. Admire Chris’s persistence!

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