Fabulous lunch in the middle of nowhere

Le Relais d'Ozenay

Last year the DGs dined with friends Ricki and David at a small restaurant high in the Maconnaise in the village of Ozenay; today they returned for a full Saturday lunch – and the best meal they’ve had so far this year.

Le Relais d’Ozenay, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, although accessible to Tournus (a major town in this area) was featuring its spring menu. The main course (pictured) had a bunch of ingredients that the female DG is not particularly fond of – meaning she’d never go out of her way to eat them, including asparagus and foie gras – and featured red millet. It was  topped with a small vial of pistachio oil that one squirted on the food –  gimmicky but also delicious. Proceeding and subsequent courses were equally delicious. Needless to say, they’re staying in tonight and having just a light supper…



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2 responses to “Fabulous lunch in the middle of nowhere

  1. Ginger Terry

    Okay, I am a teeny tiny bit jealous. Pistaschio oil, no less! It looks delicieux, and I know you are having a fabulous time, and getting so much out of it all with your French-speaking mari! I’ve been emailing, FBing Vicki, and we agree that a reunion is in order. Safe travels!!

  2. Even the Badoit looks yummy…I am so jealous!
    By the way, the BEST lunches I’ve ever had have been in the middle of nowhere.

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