Sunday morning with 2,500 clueless teenagers

young people at Taize

This was the second Sunday the DGs have joined the brothers of Taize for worship and prayer at the one service a week they includes a full Eucharist. They  were joined by, among others, the 2,500 still giggly, still wiggly and still largely clueless young teens who ascended the hill last Tuesday. More than any other groups they’ve seen, this one seemed easy to label and hard to contain; let’s just say the brothers had their work cut out for them this past five days. Example: backpacks piled on high on the path leading into the Church of the Reconciliation might have made a quick getaway for them but was a major roadblock for other pilgrims (count another 1,000 or more people). Granted the teens have provided the DGs with endless conversation with the the male DG finally proclaiming his much greater preference for those incoming teens at Taizepilgrims who backpacked their way to Taize than those who are bussed in. (The giant buses that transported them away caused traffic to come to stand still in the nearby town of Cormatin as they were too wide to make it through the narrow streets and paraked cars – the female DG wishes she’d gotten a photo but she was too busy figuring out how to use side streets to avoid the mess.) Now they are girding for a new group, some whom began arriving this afternoon (left). Pentecost is always a bit of a mob scene at Taize and this coming Sunday looks like it will not be an exception…


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