Tourist trap by day, dive bar by night

The nearest town from Ameugny is Cormatin that (no offense) has not much to offer. That is a bit harsh as there are two boulangeries (as long as one has mastered the opening hours) and an epicerie owned by a Frenchman charming enough to put up with the female DGs lack of French (her understanding exceeds her ability to speak).  But there is really no place  to dine, although there is a place to eat.

The DGs found this out tonight when a slight hiccup (the restaurant where they thought they had a reservation was ferme – closed). They’d stop to visit with M.Lefarge and pick up more wine, and the map showed what they thought was their country restaurant only a ridge away. The GPS lady in the Bete Noir was not amused when she detected offroad activity.

All of this is to recount how they ended up in what is a tourist trap by day (directly across from the charter bus destination Chateau Cormatin) and dive bar by night. It did not scale the heights of culinary mastering of La Table de Chapaize or Le Relais d’Ozenay but the female DG must admit, dive bar atmosphere and all, she’s never had a better meal for the price in the U.S. The tenderness of the beef prompted the male DG to inquire about the preparation. Five slow-cooked hours was the reply although it sounded better in French. The interesting side note is that the local homeless seemed to be receiving a meal “gratis” without fanfare…


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