A day of bread and horses

horse drawn cart in Ameugny

Common tourist talk is how irresistible French bread is. The female DG/DJ pretty much gave up eating bread some years ago but does find it somewhat hard to resist the local product. She thought the boulangerie right down the hill was pretty good (even though she’s suspicious that they receive their supplies from the massive bakery operation just east of their hilltop village). Today, though, the DGs found true nirvana at a hippie dippy operation that transported them immediately to West Marin. Included in a cluster of shops that offer organic produce, organic clothing, organic cosmetics (etc etc) is Le Pain Sur La Table, bakery and breakfast/lunch spot rolled into one. It features/sells just maybe the best damn bread on the planet, judging from the wholewheat nut loaf they’ve pretty much devoured in less than 12 hours time. Lunch was pretty darn good, too. They will return.

She returned home to catch up on some free lance assignments and was about to connect via Skype with a colleague when she heard the unmistakable clip clop of hooves. Her brain did a double take, e.g. this cannot be! But it was – a draft horse pulling a cart for what reason, she’s unclear, along the lanes of Ameugny. Meanwhile the fanciest horses in France are in Cluny for the big annual show…


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  1. I saw this horse and cart before, during the brocante in Ameugny. Then I got the impression, that the owner was a gîte owner either in Ameugny, or (more likely) in Taizé. It was trotting up and down between Taizé and Ameugny, but I was too busy looking at the wonderful church to pay more attention to this concoction.

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