Taking stock of the Ameugny stock

Duck and poultry in Ameugny, FranceThe female DG actually got her mileage in at dawn today; the male DG has a head cold and opted out of the AM service at Taize. But as the female DG was awake at her regular time, she decided to walk the “long” way, which is down the hill from Ameugny, then along the Voie Verte, before climbing back up the hill to Taize. It’s a route that gets the miles in (about 3 1/2) but lacks interesting photo possibilties.

It also doesn’t allow her to check in on the local poultry, sheep, and cows,which are, more or less, down the hill from their temporary (but very satisfactory) residence. So after a long day of catching up on InMenlo content, she headed down hill to the valley, which allowed her to check in on what the chickens – and one very strange looking duck – were up to. Meanwhile the Charolais along the way seem to recognize her and beg for a pet on the head…


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