Walk along the Grosne into Cormatin

Former railway station in Cormatin, France

To add to her up and back to Taize mileage, the female DJ walked the couple of miles into the nearest town with a restaurant – Cormatin – where the male DG met her for lunch. She used the Voie Verte, which, at least along this stretch of what is an extensive recreational path, used to be an old railroad line and runs parallel to the River Grosne.  The old railroad station itself stands; today a bunch of school children were having a skating party.

The only eating place opened in town today was a place that caters to tourists visiting Chateau Cormatin across the street. So instead of French people, they were surrounded by Dutch and German couples (typical in these parts) and for the first time, a couple from Wales, who hearing the DGs speak English, engaged them in conversation. The man was actually Irish born and said he had once been a monk. They’re visiting Taize on their way to Provence. Just a typical everyday lunch encounter…


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