Reflection on a month in the French countryside

Field just east of Taize, France

The female DJ took her final walk through the Guye valley today – at least for this visit. Between the walk to and from Taize each morning, a different loop that passes by Elevage Daubard (Charolais cattle ranch), and the jaunts near the Grosne and Guye Rivers, she seen a lot of changes in just 30 days time. When the DGs arrived, the grape vines seemed to be shivering  in the cold and had barely budded but all the surrounding fields were ablaze with yellow buttercups. The vines are now dancing in the sunshine and the buttercups, overtaken by tall wheat grass, barely visible. In Ameugny, the roses continue their brilliant bloom; along the country lanes, red poppies have made their appearance. Many new calves have made their appearance; the sheep at the last farm on the right have been shorn but remain very pregnant. A new group of young people, including many Swedes and some Americans have arrived in Taize (the blue tents are just barely visible at the top of the photo). All will continue to evolve over the summer months without her. The male DG talks of a September return – and shares a wonderful photo on his blog


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