First Blush: Taking in life at the lake

Lake Lagunita bonfire remnants

The comment by southern Burgundy-located friend (and fellow blogger) Sue  on the female DJ’s post yesterday, “Oh for some sunshine, 60 degrees and rain here for the foreseeable future! Brrr….”, make her realize the value of Bay Area/Peninsula blue skies and sunshine about, lack of lush greenery aside. She also realized this morning that she had missed jogging at dawn most of May and all of June, July and August last year to her Achilles tendon injury and surgery. The early sun light makes those months the best for dawn jogging; by September it’s Lake Lagunitaalready getting dark in the morning. So she’s resolved to enjoy every sun-filled morning. Today it was about observing life at Lake Lagunita, including an arty fire pit of sort (looks like the picnic table is next up for burning), one of the tiny frogs now populating the pathways (one has to be very careful where to step) and spotting the almost grown ducklings in the last remaining pond. The day is off to a good start, again…


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