Grandpa Chrissy finds a fellow iPhone fan – and her name is Grace

So it was a little hard to figure out who was more delighted during the DG’s Father’s Day dinner (celebrated a day early), granddaughter Grace or Grandpa Chrissy. Clearly both are huge fans of the iPhone (a good beginning, thinks Grandpa Chrissy, to all things Apple.) After time in the garden, then some more outdoor play, the whole family retreated indoors for dinner on a evening too chilly to eat outside. Grace gobbled the peas from her garden and a bunch of other fresh vegetables, but when it was time for diversion, she turned to her daddy’s iPhone that was loaded with Preschool Monkey Lunchbox, a matching game that required some deductive reasoning. The female DG remembered doing the exact same games in paper puzzle books (e.g “circle all the animals that have tails”). It was a little scary to see how quick and nimble a 2 1/2 year old was with digital media…


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