Trying hard to channel the Maconnais

Dinner at Parkside Grille, Portola ValletSo what was it about living in Aneugny that the female DG found so, well, contenting? They had spent a relatively cool and rainy month of May, so it wasn’t the weather. She’s suspected it was the beauty of the countryside but also the pace of living in rural southern Burgundy where everything seems to be at half time.

Then there were the things that they could easily do in the San Francisco Bay Area but rarely do. Like meeting friends for lunch on Saturday. So they did that yesterday. Which brought them to Sunday and a day where she could almost channel the Ameugny/Taize/Cormatin vibe. Get up and go the market. Then rather than morning service with the brothers, an evensong service at Christ Church Portola Valley with beautifully sung music provided by the choir of Hertford College, Oxford. All capped off by an outdoor dinner with the Bostocks, who’d been with the DGs in Ameugny/Taize. It was about as close as she can get…


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