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Sightings morning, noon and night

Hawk spotted on Big Dish area of StanfordThe female Dawn Jogger got a treat this morning on her jog of the complete washboard Big Dish (that means she parked at the Piers Lane entrance and went up, down, up, down, up and back down – completing one full circle and a dog leg). As she headed towards the Junipero Serra entrance, a magnificent hawk landed on a nearby fence and seemed as intent on posing for a photograph as hunting for its morning meal.

Second treat arrived in the form of David Perry, who flew down from Portland for a visit with the scheduled InMenlo assignment took them to the Mt. Olive Apostolic Original Holy Church of God for a community open house and then a stop at nearby Backayard for ribs. (So good.) David came equipped with his incomparable elfin spirit combined with pastoral care, not to mention a number of special David-produced treats for the male DG.

No planned sightings this evening but one never knows…


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Chronicling how we celebrate life

So, the female DG is remiss yet again about not chronicling/capturing last evening’s visit by theologian Dan Clendenin, who the male DG met at the Page Mill YMCA. Like other Y regulars, Dan had noticed the absence recently of the male DG and then gone to to learn why. It was a good visit, the male DG reported, when the female DG returned from her dinner with friends.

But it didn’t get captured. So today, she could have posted yet another photo of Big Dish – clouded by very foggy skies taken this morning on her regular Wednesday morning jog. Or she could skip to early this evening when friends Haydi and David joined the DGs at Fremont Park for the weekly Menlo Park summer concert. What better way to say goodbye than share a dance even if it’s “geezer rock”…

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Way we were and the way we are

Malea, Chris and Nate

It’s still hard for the female DJ to go out to Arastradero open space for a dawn run as it brings back memories of the many Friday mornings that she’d go there with the male DJ and beloved Australian Shepherd Cassie. When they were there really early, they’d often see coyotes heading home from a night’s hunting. During the summer, when the sun rose earlier and it was fully light, they’d often see deer, always a good sign as it probably meant Mr. or Ms. Mountain Lion was not in the area.

This morning the female DJ spied two young deer grazing. Recently weaned yearlings? One agreed to pose.

It provided the start of a day to that ended in a perfect bookend. The very first neighbor they met when they moved to Menlo in 1990 was Kay who trundled across the street with a sweet of some sort as they are unpacking the moving van. It began a friendship that included wonderful dogs, good walks and shared sorrows over the years. But there were also extreme joys, none more so than when son Nate came home from Stanford hospital as a newborn, to be joined a couple of years later by daughter Malea. One is an official godson; the other unofficial goddaughter. How can they be almost all grown up? And how generous the two teenagers who tonight shared yet another Su Hong meal around the dining room table where they once played Pond Scum…

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First Blush: Pangs of the way we were

Mauseleum area of Stanford campus

Besides the glioma diagnosis itself, there was nothing more heart wrenching for the DGs than giving up jogging at dawn together each morning (talked a bit in yesterday’s post). Now as the female DG/DJ makes her way each morning, scenes they shared together over the years, take on amplified meaning. Having done Saturday Dish yesterday, today she jogged across the Stanford campus, making her way by the mausoleum where the DJs and their beloved Australian Shepherd would meet up in the mornings with Mary Ann and Sam and their crew of Golden Retrievers for an intense romp on the adjacent lawn. It was good this morning to see the patch of green is still being enjoyed…

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Remembering the importance of living – and walking – each day

The female DG’s blog focus has long been on “jogging at dawn,” first chronicled on First Blush, with the male DG doing the photo duties until his diagnosis of glioma four years ago curtailed his morning outings. She shifted to Gimpy and Grumpy a year ago, leading up to and following surgery to repair her partially torn Achilles tendon. Lately she’s been thinking that her dawn musings are vastly unimportant and that she’d return to chronicling how she and the male DG (dual gimpy and grumpy) are making every attempt to live each day. But she while she got off to an OK good start, she’s fallen short the last two days. And there were opportunities, such as today’s outing to photograph a spectacular new residence for InMenlo, which brought out the shutterbug in the male DG (post to go live next week). She meant to take photos of him taking photos.

So here she was on Friday evening without anything to post – after a pretty good day and early dinner at favorite restaurant Evvia – when she spotted on Facebook the musings of the man who took her place two days a week walking, if not jogging, at dawn. Scott has been an important anchor in their lives the past two years. That he thought to mark the anniversary of his and the male DG’s walking together, along with wonderful dog Lily, incredibly touching…

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There’s Grace in this garden

Grace and Chris Gulker

Yes, the female Dawn Jogger could have put yet another photo of the Dish at dawn (yes, it was the usual Wednesday morning Dish run) but how much more cheery is validation of a Grace-filled visit. Thanks to the generosity of her mother Julie, Grace came over this afternoon – first to take a nap while Mom enjoyed a facial – and then to spend some time in Grace’s garden with “Grandpa Chrissy”, helping to harvest the latest bounty. It delights both the DGs that she somehow “gets” the garden – that it’s a place where things get picked and then eaten. Thanks to the male DG, she has a plentiful supply of now ready-to-be-eaten carrots from seeds she planted some months ago. She may not remember when but she sure likes the bounty. Around suppertime we hear she was spotted salsa dancing

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Sharing good memories with good friends – and good wine, too

The Arscott and Bostocks – the two couples that joined the DGs in Ameugny, one at the beginning of their stay and the other at the end of their stay – came over for a reunion of sorts, an event that was planned before the DGs learned that the male DG’s brain cancer was rapidly progressing. Not only were memories shared – of daily worship with the Taize brothers and all the good eating – but some great wine was drunk, fulfilling the male DG’s wish to “drink no more cheap wine.” David Arscott, provided the photo – he’s quite fond of propping his camera on a wine bottle as a tripod and setting the timer so that he can be included in the picture – along with a poem (another favorite pasttime).

Sweet evenings
Slipping into dusk
Peaceful memories
A valley in France
The wonder of it all


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