First Blush: Wild turkeys make a holiday weekend appearance

Wild turkeys at Arastradeo Preserve

The coastal fog had made its way inland this morning, making it cool enough for the female DJ to head out to Arastradero Preserve for a good up and down five-mile jog. Right Wild turkeys at Aratradeo Perserveon cue for the 4th of July holiday weekend appeared a flock of wild turkeys out foraging. Over the years, the DJs have seen the turkeys, but it had been some time since the she’d seen them – and close up at that. This flock appeared to be headed by several hens accompanied by over a dozen chicks (if that’s what young turkeys are called). Wilk turkeys may have not been chosen as America’s national bird but they seem the perfect thing to spot on the holiday weekend. Not a lot of bald eagles in these parts…


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