Coming to grips with the carousel of life

Carousel in Golden Gate Park

It was a UCSF day today. That means an MRI and visit with neuro-oncologist Dr. Susan Chang. The female DG stuck to her regular game plan of walking around Golden Gate Park while the male DG had his head in the MRI machine. Unlike most weekday mornings, the carousel at the eastern edge of Golden Gate Park was open, thanks to the summer season. The female DG went down the hill to take a look at the excited line of children waiting to get on. Then she got on, too, and rode it around, feeling a bit silly being an adult unaccompanied by a child.

It was sentimental and symbolic. She’s been riding this carousel since she was a child and always loved that the animals weren’t just the usual horses. She remembers riding the rooster and the goat. She also knew that it was likely they wouldn’t be getting good news today; the male DG has experienced increasing weakness and decreasing mobility. The MRI confirmed their worst fear; where once there was one brain tumor, there are now four. Dr. Chang hugged them both – not a good sign. They are prepared but not really, as they move into unchartered waters of sharing what they know will be their last months together. Ok, the whole situation sucks…


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  1. David Rockel

    Linda, I was wondering why Chris has not had much on his website the past few days. As always our prayers and thoughts are with you guys. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.


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