Hospice, heartache and a dollop of geezer music

Carole King and James Taylor concert at Oracle Arena

Long ago if someone had asked the female DG how endings begin, the last answer she might have  guessed was “order hospice in the morning and go to a rock [well, sort of rock] concert in the evening.” The DGs are still trying to understand – and come to grips with – what it means to know you are spending your last days together.

Today they took another step in that journey. They had decided over the weekend that, given the four tumors now growing in the male DG’s brain, there was little to be gained in continuing chemotherapy, even if it might have some palliative benefit. They talked about the possibility it could also mean prolonged suffering and no improved mobility. . “We had the good sense to put Cassie [their beloved Australian Shepherd] down when she was in this state,” said the male DG matter of factly.

So this morning the male DG called the great UCSF neuro-oncology team headed by Dr. Susan Chang and said, in slightly more words, “Enough.”

But that just started the day. They went on living. Mundane household chores. Another inspiring InMenlo interview. And finally a trip back in time when Carole King’s Tapestry was the best selling album of all time (since replaced) and Jame Taylor’s Fire and Rain was number one on the charts. Here’s the good news: Those that gathered to hear the Troubadour Reunion tour may have been long in the tooth, but the performers were in great form. And no, going to a concert after ordering hospice was not in the script…



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2 responses to “Hospice, heartache and a dollop of geezer music

  1. Ginger Terry

    I loved this! Thanks so much. You are never far from my thoughts.

    • Marty Arscott

      I hope you’re glad you rewrote the script. You are both script-writers to learn from, I can tell you that!
      Lots of Love,

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