Way we were and the way we are

Malea, Chris and Nate

It’s still hard for the female DJ to go out to Arastradero open space for a dawn run as it brings back memories of the many Friday mornings that she’d go there with the male DJ and beloved Australian Shepherd Cassie. When they were there really early, they’d often see coyotes heading home from a night’s hunting. During the summer, when the sun rose earlier and it was fully light, they’d often see deer, always a good sign as it probably meant Mr. or Ms. Mountain Lion was not in the area.

This morning the female DJ spied two young deer grazing. Recently weaned yearlings? One agreed to pose.

It provided the start of a day to that ended in a perfect bookend. The very first neighbor they met when they moved to Menlo in 1990 was Kay who trundled across the street with a sweet of some sort as they are unpacking the moving van. It began a friendship that included wonderful dogs, good walks and shared sorrows over the years. But there were also extreme joys, none more so than when son Nate came home from Stanford hospital as a newborn, to be joined a couple of years later by daughter Malea. One is an official godson; the other unofficial goddaughter. How can they be almost all grown up? And how generous the two teenagers who tonight shared yet another Su Hong meal around the dining room table where they once played Pond Scum…


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