Sightings morning, noon and night

Hawk spotted on Big Dish area of StanfordThe female Dawn Jogger got a treat this morning on her jog of the complete washboard Big Dish (that means she parked at the Piers Lane entrance and went up, down, up, down, up and back down – completing one full circle and a dog leg). As she headed towards the Junipero Serra entrance, a magnificent hawk landed on a nearby fence and seemed as intent on posing for a photograph as hunting for its morning meal.

Second treat arrived in the form of David Perry, who flew down from Portland for a visit with the scheduled InMenlo assignment took them to the Mt. Olive Apostolic Original Holy Church of God for a community open house and then a stop at nearby Backayard for ribs. (So good.) David came equipped with his incomparable elfin spirit combined with pastoral care, not to mention a number of special David-produced treats for the male DG.

No planned sightings this evening but one never knows…


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