Hanging of the InMenlo photo show

Scott and Chris after hangiing the InMenlo photo show

The female Dawn Jogger got some very mysterious photos on her jog across the Stanford campus this morning but they’ll have to wait for another post. Today it was really all about the hanging of the InMenlo photo exhibit at Cafe Zoe in Menlo Park. You must admit Scott and Chris look very satisfied and you can see three of the photos on display. It wouldn’t have gotten done without the help of Marilyn and Chrisie Wendin. The male DG (i.e. Chris) has dubbed it “the last picture show”



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2 responses to “Hanging of the InMenlo photo show

  1. Marty Arscott

    Nice! Mea culpa – I forgot all the photo exhibit details – please advise asap before we take off on vacay!

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