First Blush: Every car has a story…


…But the female Dawn Jogger can’t even figure out what model this Citroen is – maybe a Dyane but it looks more rounded. She spotted it parked behind the big building that houses the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics on the Stanford campus early this morning. The car was fully restored and spotlessly clean, so it evidently has an owner. But it also had Louisiana plates that had expired two years ago. She’s thinking this car must have a story…



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3 responses to “First Blush: Every car has a story…

  1. Hi, Linda.
    Being far from an expert in the field, I am pretty sure this is a Citroën 2CV (2 horse power), nicknamed Ugly Duckling. My second car was one, in the early seventies. They had wonderful suspension, and required skill whilst accelerating from stand still. The unexperienced driver made the thing look like training for a rodeo. After a week one got used to it. The Citroën Diana was a slightly more advanced model.

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