A bit of Taize comes to Menlo Park

Chris Gulker with Trinty Church Menlo Park Taize crossTrinity Church, which the DGs attend, has been having a monthly Taize service for the last six months or so. There was to be a hiatus this summer but very wise rector, the Rev. Matthew Dutton-Gillett, on learning that the commissioned Taize style cross was finished, decided to have a previously unscheduled service at 5:00 today. That this could allow the male DG to participate was implied but not quite spoken. Among the attendees were many folks from the “old” weekly 5:00 service that had served as the DG’s mini faith community before and after the male DG’s glioma diagnosis. And even better, in the female DG’s mind, was the fact that there were a number of children in attendance, whose voices could be heard in singing and silence. That made it feel even more like the real Taize…



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2 responses to “A bit of Taize comes to Menlo Park

  1. Marty Arscott

    We are so sorry to have missed! The new cross looks gorgeous as does Chris ~ well maybe Chris isn’t really “gorgeous” but he’s beautiful in our eyes! Love, Marty and David

  2. Alice Carrott

    How great!! Know the service was filled with grace and awe. The cross is truly beautiful! Was it commissioned by your church?? Will it be in front of those gorgious windows permanently??
    Much love!

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