Chris meets real life Tinkerbell

Chris meets real life Tinkerbell

So the male DG is talking on his blog about living while dying. And yes, this is an unsettling topic for those who aren’t exactly in the situation the two DGs find themselves in. The reality is that one can’t exactly change the dying part, given a terminal diagnosis and the progression of end stage glioma (brain cancer). So, while they are able, the DGs continue to live.

And that means celebrating life events life the marriage of Lauren Levy to Jonathan Zoob. For those who’ve known him these past 35 plus years, it wasn’t really surprising that father-of-the-bride Jacob managed to step on the his daughter’s veil, yanking it off her head, just as she reached the end of the rose petaled aisle. Nor was it surprising that he tried unsuccessfully to put place it back on her head. He redeemed himself in a heartfelt speech at the dinner, as did son Zach who promised never again to call his sister “Booger.”

Meanwhile, in case you’re wondering about the title of this post, the male DG manages to get photographed with good friend Kathy who he decrees “looks like Tinkerbell. Ok. this would make more sense if you were there live…


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