Amidst it all a moment of Grace

Color the female DG exhausted but happy. She had an almost three day non-stop old-fashioned girlfriend twitter (in the old sense of the word), thanks to a visit from her college roommate Christine, joined on Saturday by another roommate Marguerite, who just happened to  be visiting the Bay Area. Did she or the male DG take any photos of this fun reunion – no.

Today brought an all afternoon visit by Grace and the gang. After a non-nap, the result of a mini wasp invasion to the bedroom, she held up amazingly well, amusing herself with all that a bright afternoon of sunshine had to offer in the DG’s backyard. The male DG captured a watermelon moment…



Filed under Brain cancer, Grace, Living each day

3 responses to “Amidst it all a moment of Grace

  1. John Donald

    Great photo. Where are you finding good watermelon?

  2. Grace is so adorable. She’s a real beauty and from your stories, she is totally precious too. Thanks for sharing her moments.

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