Wow! Now that’s a big bug!

Neither her parents nor the DGs quite understand Grace’s bug phobia, which first displayed itself last year when she’d be over for a visit and romping in the DG’s back yard. Yesterday, she never settled down for her nap, due to what she refers to as “buga, buga,” which was accurate given the six Wasps her father captured in her sleeping room.

Thankfully she hasn’t associated “bad bugs” with what she calls the female DG, which is “Bugs,” but pronounced “Boogs.” Natch, there’s a really long story about that name. Suffice to say it has something to do with the DG’s first trip to Paris soon after they were married.

All that aside, the female DG found a really big bug on their family room floor this afternoon. It was some sort of flying insect (the wings were not extended). Not being into bug squishing, it thankfully allowed itself to be carried outside without a fuss. Just so you can visualize, that piece of hardwood is a good six inches in diameter…


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