Chris is over-the-top pleased with his surprise package

Chris Gulker reads advanced copy of Zero History by William GibsonAmazing things keep happening. The DGs were out yesterday morning when FedEx attempted a delivery that required a signature. The male DG referenced “expecting something important.” The female DG admits to thinking, “Egad, what’s he ordered now.”

With a signed signature release, the package arrived today. It was, as the male DG blogged, a real “Wow.” How many famous sci fi authors take the time to send an advance copy of their book upon reading (on that one of their most devoted fans is concerned he might not be around for the official release of the book? Huge shout out to William Gibson! And just look at the satisfaction on his fan’s face…



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6 responses to “Chris is over-the-top pleased with his surprise package

  1. WOW now that is quite an honor. Enjoy male DG and share with us your thoughts!

  2. Well, a big “bless your heart” to William Gibson.

  3. Sara

    Now that is a really nice gesture. Kudos to William Gibson! God bless him.

  4. Vicki Welch

    terrific…what a good man!

  5. Alice Carrott

    I LOVE these angel sightings!!

  6. Gerti Reagan Garner

    Way cool! Wishing lots of enjoyment for the male DG.

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