First Blush: Aussie encounter at special place

Aussies at Lake Lagunita

The female Dawn Jogger just can’t go into the reasons why the storm drain into Lake Lagunita has such important significance to the male DJ and her during their years of jogging at dawn together. There’s the obvious reason: It always seems to have a puddle of water even when the adjoining Lake is dry as a bone and that made it a favorite splashing place for their Australian Shepherd, Cassie. But there’s another reason, something about trolls and such – again, best left unexplained. Early this morning she had a triple treat of three Aussies, including a sturdy looking, five month old pup (pictured next to the Blue Merle, also a female). It was a should we or shouldn’t we moment. For whatever reason, they passed on plunging in behind the male Tri in the water. A real cheer up…


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One response to “First Blush: Aussie encounter at special place

  1. Lynne

    Three Aussies sighted at a special spot? I think it was a message sent to you from,,, I don’t know. Give it some thought?

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