First Blush: Sunny, coyote-filled morning at Arastradero

Arastradero open space preserve

Coyote spotted at ArastraderoThe female Dawn Jogger continues to enjoy every sun-filled early morning hour, after the relentless grey of the past weeks. She took the opportunity of no first-of-the-day appointments to head out for a 5-mile loop run at Arastradero open space, long the Friday morning destination for the male DJ and Cassie the dog when all were jogging together. A number of the trails in the preserve are marked with warnings about “aggressive coyotes,” and while the female DJ is always watchful, she’s much more concerned about coming on a snake than a coyote. This morning a lone, she guesses female based on size, coyote appeared on the trail about 10 feet ahead of her but didn’t stay in place long enough for her to snap a photo. It scampered up the hill, and when she got out from behind the brush lining the trail, she could see it eating its breakfast on the hillside (a sharp eye can just make out the coyote right in the middle of image above left). She knew she was looking at a coyote because she’d just seen it, but she can see why people who are looking at these animals in the distance might think they’re seeing a mountain lion. Masked by the golden grass, the colors of both are pretty similar…


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