First Blush: Out with the trail runners in Wunderlich

trail run in Wunderlich ParkThe male DG headed off to Monterrey this morning with friend Scott to see an Ansel Adams exhibit, so the female DG decided to alter her Saturday long run ritual with a hike instead. She choose Wunderlich as it was a place the DGs hiked in often when they first moved to Menlo, but stopped doing so with Cassie the Australian Shepherd’s arrival in 1994 due to the no dogs policy of San Mateo Country Parks.

The parking lot was packed when she got there at 10:00 am, although where the people were she wasn’t quite sure. It may be her 7-mile that took her almost to the top of the park near Skyline was more than most attempted. She would have had the trail all to herself except there was a 50K trail run going on staged by Pacific Crest Trail Runners Association. The distance itself is non-trivial but the course requires two steep elevation gains. Here’s the map. What can she say but, “Wow.”

Note to a particular Dutchman living in France, here’s your training challenge of the future…


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  1. No Way, United Staes of American woman living in California; my longest distance ever was the marathon (42.195 km); I did that 3 times in Rotterdam and once in London without any hill like features, and that was more than enough. I would be very happy to do my “old” 9.99 km run from here to Taizé, almost past your house in Ameugny, Bois Dernier and back home soon. I am going into week 9 now, 2 * (15 min jog + 3 min walk), and everything still works out as expected.

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